Our Brand Story

Bags Etcetera’s story is one of passion, creativity, dedication, and purpose.
The face behind the brand is Ashima Gulati, an established interior
designer from Delhi. In 2021, Ashima founded Bags Etcetera – a brand of
homegrown, 100% cruelty free handbags.

Ashima believes:
“You can be a sparkly handloom girl with a heart full of secrets or a bold tote
bag woman ready to conquer the world on your own terms – whoever you
are, our bag collection celebrates you without being apologetic.”

True to its name, Etcetera experiments with endless possibilities, providing you with various
customization options that usually stay unexplored in the eclectic world of bags.

A Deep Love for India

Taking inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage, we take our textures, fabrics and colours to the next level of experimentation, infusing it with sustainable materials such as Indian handloom and vegan leather.

Our bags are not just accessories; they are statements, reflections of individuality and self-expression.


To empower today’s women to break free from
the confines of conventional leather handbags,
inspiring them to explore colourful options and
playful styles crafted from cruelty-free and
sustainable alternatives.


To achieve 100% sustainability in our practices
and offerings by exploring the rich heritage of
traditional Indian handwoven fabrics and intertwining
them with modern eco-friendly materials to create
exquisite and luxurious handbags.

What makes us different?

Bold Colours

Bold Colours

We dare to go where the others shy off from far afar, spoiling you with colour choices that are seldom seen on other shelves.

Vibrant Pattern

Vibrant Patterns

Our patterns add a touch of artistry to your accessory, transforming your bag into a fashion statement.


Elegant Textures

From vegan leather to soft suede, our textures are a sensory experience, adding luxurious depth and dimension to your carry companions.

100 Vegan Cruelty Free 2

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

We are an environmentally conscious brand. The manufacturing of our eco-friendly bags ensures reduced waste and less carbon emissions.

Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We assist you throughout your pre and post sales journey until you are delighted with your purchase. Our select products can be customized to add a unique touch tailored to your preferences.

Hi, We are happy to help you!