Etcetera’s Stylish Shoulder Bags: Perfect Picks for Summer 2024

How Did Shoulder Bags Come Into Trend

Earlier on, shoulder bags for girls were mainly focused on utility with priority given to function over fashion. However, the development of fashionable trends made designers incorporate creativity and stylishness into the designs of such bags. Shoulder bags have come a long way since then and have become a main accessory of fashion. Such handbags have moved from their initial functional use to becoming a mark of style and sophistication. 

What makes shoulder handbags unique is that they are very versatile and can be used in practical contexts as well as add some touch of class to any outfit. More than being accessories, these bags make statements about one’s sense of style and taste.

Practicality is another major aspect of shoulder bags for women. They offer functionality through numerous compartments, and pockets as well as comfortable handles and straps without losing their sense of style. This helps you keep your essentials organised while doing everything else required in your busy life. 

Types of Shoulder Handbags Every Woman Should Have

Multi-color Mini Shoulder Bags:

Wear these colourful stylish bags for girls to transform your outfit and make it more vibrant. They could be your best companions whether you are going for a casual walk or enjoying weekend brunches. What distinguishes Etcetera bags is their attention to detail and uniqueness. The material we use for our mini-shoulder bag is Handloom Jacquard, which makes it distinguished in texture as well as quality. Moreover, these bags come with either handmade bead handles, metal chains or acrylic chains that give them an elegant look and personalised touch.

Sparkle Mini Party Tote

Our mini party tote bag is perfect for pairing with your summer whites or evening blacks. It’s made from handwoven cotton fabric and adorned with delicate beads and sparkles. The interior is lined with soft cotton for added comfort, while the silver and black beaded handle adds a touch of sophistication. Additionally, a silver chain is included for versatile carrying options, making it a stylish choice for any occasion.

Mini Denim Shoulder-Bag

These small shoulder bags for women made of denim can be used on a daily basis for both formal and casual occasions. They are designed to go with your jeans, skirts, or even summer dresses which in turn gives the user an added flair to his or her dressing code.

Moreover, Etcetera’s denim mini shoulder bag is designed in a unique way whereby it has two different colours of denim that make it more fashionable and attractive. The flap is made from lighter-coloured denim and secured by a magnet button thus enabling easy access. At the back of the bag there is also an additional card pocket where one can place his/her cards or other small items. In addition, there is the detachable handle which allows for multipurpose uses.

Inside the single compartment keep your belongings organised while you are on the move.

Foldable Shoulder Bags

For travel purposes and busy days, these foldable shoulder bags for girls are meant to compactly store when they’re not being used. Either way, they allow you to easily change from day to night activities hence giving ample time during your daily routines. 

Our foldable shoulder bags are blocked in vibrant colourways and in neutral tones that make them look fabulous. Its spacious size enables you to carry all your essentials comfortably. This tote has woven vegan leather handles and rich textured velvet finish fabrics that give it a rich look.

Large Tote Bags

Extremely roomy and elegant, the tote shoulder bags are a perfect solution for your shopping or work needs. In these bags, you can put on business suits or go casual chic. The Tote Bag from Etcetera is made of heavy linen fabric with woven cotton sides so it is 100% vegan. A bright fabric band offers a bold splash of colour against the otherwise neutral bag. This bag’s closure is a zip that secures your personal belongings in a fashionable manner.

Bucket Bags 

Don’t forget to add bucket bags in your collection that are trendy and functional for everyday use. These bags are easy to pair with various looks ranging from casual jeans and t-shirts to summer dresses. Our bucket bag has loosely intertwined bands of vegan leather in different widths that create an irregular gap-filled design which is really amazing. Inside, the main body lining is multi-coloured cotton loom  fabric or vegan leather.

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