Chiclette (Raspberry) Mini Vegan Leather Bag With Patterned Bead Band



Bright, Juicy and Mushy. This vegan leather mini bag is a treat to hold. Red beaded bands at the base of the gathered handle enhance the look by adding another textured layer. It has a matching red satin lining on the inside. The bag is Big enough to hold all your essentials for your special evenings. It has a concealed Magnetic closure to prevent your items from falling out. A vegan bag that brightens up any outfit.A perfect accessory for your parties.This mini bag is provided with a hanging tag that can be customised with your initials. Also available in Three other colours as ‘Chiclette’ Bluberry in midnight blue, ‘Chiclette’ Lavender in lilac colour and Chiclette’ Silver in silver colour vegan leather.

The handle of this bag is an extension of the main body in vegan leather. It is gathered to add a detail that enhances the gathered look of the bag.The handle is comfortable to hand carry the bag

The inside is finished with a satin fabric lining .

Product Details

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Dimensions 11 × 2 × 4 in

Vegan leather




Party wear


Every bag comes wrapped with butter paper in a satin bag for keeping it protected from dirt and dust.

All Etcetera bags are perfect for gifting!

Bag Care

Wipe your Etcetra bag clean with a damp muslin/cotton cloth. Do not rub the surface of the bag with pressure.

Read our complete bag care guide.

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Chiclette (Raspberry) Mini Vegan Leather Bag With Patterned Bead Band



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