Crossbody Bags for Stylish

Crossbody Bags

Designed to exude both comfort and spunk, our stunning selection of crossbody bags are for fashion-forward women with a flair for practical luxury. From mini crossbody bags travel bags, this style ensures that you remain stylishly handsfree wherever you go.

Transform Your Everyday Style with Etcetera Crossbody Bags

Imagine a handbag that’s not just your regular bag but your ultimate style companion! At Etcetera, we’ve poured our hearts into bringing you crossbody sling bags that redefine fashion and functionality. We believe in quality without compromising on nature. That’s why our crossbody bags are made from premium fabrics and vegan leather, reflecting on our mission that It’s not just about style; it’s about sustainability too!

Our crossbody sling bags aren’t just about carrying your essentials; they’re about making a statement. They are made with great attention to detail and each bag lends a classic charm while keeping up with the latest trends. With their retro inspired designs and classic aesthetics, our bags allow you to maintain your unique sense of style in this fashion-saturated world.

Perfect for Everyday Use and Special Occasions

Our bags can be used for everyday occasions and errands. They are also a great pick for a special gift for a loved one. Our crossbody bags for women make for memorable and thoughtful presents and are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special day.

What Makes Our Bags Extra Special

  • Vegan Leather Love: At Etcetera, we’re all about embracing cruelty-free fashion. Our vegan leather crossbody bags are not only chic and stylish but also guilt-free! What’s more, they are made from high quality synthetic materials and offer the luxury look of leather without harming any animals. Feel good about what you wear while making a fashion statement that aligns with your values.
  • Denim and Cotton Cool: Looking for a laid-back yet chic accessory? Our denim cotton bags and women loom crossbody bags are here to save the day! They are perfect for those casual outings or relaxed weekends, and add a touch of cool to your fits. You’ll be able to enjoy durable denim and soft cotton materials which are as practical as they are stylish, allowing you to look and stay cool wherever you go.
  • Gold-Colour Metal Chain: Want to add a touch of glamour to your outfit? Our bags feature stylish and functional gold-colour metal chain crossbody bags! With their shimmering and sturdy metal straps, these bags elevate your look to new heights.
  • Tassled Temptation: Make a bold statement with our tassled crossbody bags! Fun, quality, and fabulous, these bags are the perfect way to add a playful touch to your look. The unique look of our bags makes them eye catching accessories that demand attention and exude confidence.
  • Tan Mini Marvels: Don’t underestimate the power of small packages! Our tan mini crossbody bags may be compact, but they pack a serious style punch. Perfect for when you want to travel light without sacrificing style, these mini marvels are big on personality. They are also a great choice for brunch dates, evening soirees, and other fun activities.
  • Hand-Woven Textured Fabrics: If your vibe is more vintage, you can check out our hand woven textured fabric crossbody bags. Each piece of our collection looks extremely detailed and aesthetically pleasing, showing that they are made with care and attention to detail. These bags showcase the artistry of hand woven fabrics and add depth and dimension to your outfit. Let your style speak volumes with these one of a kind accessories that celebrate the craftsmanship and creativity of dedicated workers.

Complete Your Look With Elegant Crossbody Bags

Ideal Outfit: If you’re wondering what outfit our crossbody bags will look good with, the answer is almost all of them. You can pair our bags with most of the Western and traditional Indian attires. You can dress up in casual jeans and tops, professional blazers, or wedding sarees, and our bag will do its part in adding extra glamour to your look. 

Accessories: Take your look to another level with unique accessories that reflect your individual style. Think outside the box and opt for unconventional pieces that make a statement. You can try adding a pop of colour with a bold scarf or layering on delicate jewellery for a touch of elegance.

Crossbody Bag for Every Occasion: Our bags are a great accessory for everyday activities, such as quick grocery runs, coffee with friends, and dinner dates. You can also use them for specific and special events including wedding functions, festivals, family outings, and more.

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