Debut Edit Women's Handbags

Debut Edit Women’s Handbags

The heart wandered and the mind followed! Our maverick selection of vegan bags is every bag lover’s desire to experiment and channelise their love for non-animal leather and cruelty free bags.

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Make Your Summer Outfits Dreamy and Elegant with Side Bags For Women

A shoulder or side handbag for girls is the type of bag which has been around for a while, serving its purpose as a useful yet stylish accessory. These bags are designed to be hung on one shoulder thereby making things very easy to reach and making you look stylish at the same time. Practical yet fashionable, they have become popular among everyone after many celebrities have been seen walking around with them. In contrast to crossbody bags for women, side bags can be paired with more elegant dresses and formal outfits.

What’s even interesting about side bags is that they come in a variety of types and qualities today, such as tote bags with compartments and mini shoulder bags with zippers. Sling bags for girls are another famous type of shoulder bag that is very much in demand these days.

How To Style Side Bags

There are many ways in which you can wear side bags on different occasions. For example, they are versatile and convenient for casual events such as brunches or shopping trips, giving a finished look to your outfit. 

In addition, these trendy bags for women blend easily with traditional and modern attires thereby making them ideal for everyday use. Furthermore, these bags also suitably fit into smart workdays and relaxed hangouts with friends because of their lightness and ease of being carried around; hence they make good choices for ultra-busy days. 

Finally, they add a touch of fashion to your evening get-togethers while keeping your essentials at hand. So basically, shoulder bags are necessary accessories for people who want both style and convenience in their lives on a daily basis.

Designer Side Bags That Every Woman Should Have

Zebra Tote Bag: Whatever may be the occasion, you can never go wrong with big and small tote bags. Etcetera’s tote bag is made of handloom cotton in black, white and gold, a coming together of colours, that add a touch of elegance to your overall appearance. The black and white colours are greatly enhanced by slight golden hints present on the bag. When it comes to weight, this oversized tote bag is light enough for you to carry all day without becoming tired. The flap is secure with a magnetic closure while there’s a dust bag that comes along with it. 

Aguya Shoulder Bag: You will fall in love with this bag as soon as you see it. It is colourful and made of woven cotton with a chain strap, thus making it very attractive as well as versatile. The multicoloured beaded handle adds a dash of glamour. Whatever you wear, be it ethnic or western outfits, this bag finishes off your look perfectly well. 

Safari Hobo Bag: You can choose a Safari hobo bag if you need a large bag for everyday use. It has a zipper closure and one big compartment which is perfect for carrying things like your wallet, cards, sanitizer, makeup pouch, sunglasses and phone. This branded handbag for women suits office meetings, hanging out with friends or shopping trips. The functional value of this item can be further boosted due to the presence of an outer concealed pocket.

Windswept Black Mesh Fabric Bucket Bag: This bucket bag is made from mesh fabric and artificial leather to create a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality. It also has inner pockets for holding cards as well as other small stuff and a multi-colour webbing belt handle, chain, and vegan leather for lightness while carrying it over long distances.

Polka Dance Red Shoulder Bag: This side bag for women is perfect for everyday use with its black and white hues along with the red shades characterised by fabric fringes. It comes in two versions of the shoulder strap, one with an outer pocket fashioned out of mesh fabric that can hold your mobile or mask. Inside, there’s a slip pocket for your cards.

In The Grey Bucket Bag With Fabric Pouch: For work purposes, this bucket bag is designed in baby blue vegan leather. There is also a linen-look fabric pouch attached inside which can be closed using drawstrings. Additionally, the bottom of the bag contains dual-tone textured fabrics and a front zippered pocket. A separate slip pocket on the backside enhances convenience as well.

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